Practice of yoga

Practice of yoga

Yoga is a profound part of the Vedic culture. Yoga practices underlie at the heart of all Hinduism (Sanskrit "Sanatan Dharma") schools. Sanatana Dharma means "the eternal law" - the law of all beings’ evolution.

Advaita philosophy

Advaita philosophy

Advaita is an ancient doctrine that tells us about human nature as divine initially. "Advaita" can be translated as "not two". Soul is not separated from God. God is a reality that permeates everything.

Meeting with «Traditions of the Earth»

Центр "Традиции Земли"

November 12, Moscow, Divya Loka representatives met in Moscow with Irina Kolosova, the head of the Intercultural consultative health center «Traditions of the Earth».

One of the main activities of the Centre is organizing open seminars so that everyone can communicate with the clergy of the Orthodox tradition, monks and spiritual teachers from India and Tibet, well-known anthropologists, psychologists, therapists and healers from around the world.

The center also serves as a platform for interdisciplinary discussions on ethno medicine, a holistic approach to human health, psychology and psychotherapy, socio-cultural anthropology (including medical anthropology), sociology, cultural studies, comparative religion and other disciplines.

Irina Kolosova shared her experience in interreligious dialogue. Her own interests lie in the field of researching traditions of Christianity, Buddhism and the teachings of Kundalini Yoga from the perspective of different traditions. Irina gives meditation classes, University lectures on the role and significance of the various religions of the world, organizing informative and educational seminars and conferences on the topic of spiritual development, spiritual friendship and spiritual practice.

Center of Vedic culture «Divya Loka» gifted Irina with some souvenirs. The two Centers came to the intention to organize a joint educational and spiritually significant event in Moscow as part of interfaith meetings and dialogues.


Meeting with the Ambassador of India in Russia

Ambassador Ajay Mahotra:
"A follower of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) can be a person of any nationality"

Vedic culture

Vedic culture

Vedic culture is based on the Universe laws of evolution described in the scriptures of Hinduism "Vedas". They guide a human life, leading to harmony, happiness and creative prosperity.