Practice of yoga

Practice of yoga

Yoga is a profound part of the Vedic culture. Yoga practices underlie at the heart of all Hinduism (Sanskrit "Sanatan Dharma") schools. Sanatana Dharma means "the eternal law" - the law of all beings’ evolution.

Advaita philosophy

Advaita philosophy

Advaita is an ancient doctrine that tells us about human nature as divine initially. "Advaita" can be translated as "not two". Soul is not separated from God. God is a reality that permeates everything.

International Scientific and Practical Conference

Конференция "Религии России"

From October 2d to October 5th, representatives of Divya Loka took part in the III International scientific-practical conference «Religion in Russia: problems of social service and patriotic education, which was held in the Nizhny Novgorod State University named after Lobachevsky.

Among the participants there were scientists (religious scholars, sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, cultural studies, teachers, etc.), as well as representatives of different religions and faiths.

In the first half of the day the reports were read, and in the afternoon participants were given the opportunity to visit the temples of various religions and denominations, which are located in Nizhny Novgorod.

Participants visited:

- Nizhny Novgorod synagogue where a meeting was held with the head of a local religious organization of Orthodox Judaism «Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community»;

- Temple of Saint Sergius of Radonezh the Archdiocese of Nizhny Novgorod Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, where learnt the experience of the church in the social sphere (work with hearing-impaired, rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicts, work with children);

- Nizhny Novgorod Theological Seminary and its museum, male Annunciation Monastery of the eighteenth century and Alexis temple there;

- International Society for Krishna Consciousness, where did an acquaintance with the program «Food for Life»;

- Old Believer Orthodox church of the Assumption, where spoke about the significant role of the Old Believers tradition in education of patriotism in children;

- Church of the Seventh Day Adventist, where believers prepared for the participants of the conference a great concert;

- Three churches of evangelical Christians (Baptists, Mormons and Pentecostals), and met with their social activities and feature patriotic education;

- Catholic Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, got acquainted with the activities of the organization «Caritas» who assist the homeless.

About 20 participants have visited the Center for Vedic Culture «Divya Loka». See http://www.divyaloka.ru/o-divya-loke/proshedshie-sobytiya/5-oktyabrya-2013

The conference showed that religious organizations and small religious schools make a very significant contribution to social service.


Meeting with the Ambassador of India in Russia

Ambassador Ajay Mahotra:
"A follower of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) can be a person of any nationality"

Vedic culture

Vedic culture

Vedic culture is based on the Universe laws of evolution described in the scriptures of Hinduism "Vedas". They guide a human life, leading to harmony, happiness and creative prosperity.