Practice of yoga

Practice of yoga

Yoga is a profound part of the Vedic culture. Yoga practices underlie at the heart of all Hinduism (Sanskrit "Sanatan Dharma") schools. Sanatana Dharma means "the eternal law" - the law of all beings’ evolution.

Advaita philosophy

Advaita philosophy

Advaita is an ancient doctrine that tells us about human nature as divine initially. "Advaita" can be translated as "not two". Soul is not separated from God. God is a reality that permeates everything.

Swami Brahmananda Relics

Реликвии Свами Брахмананды

Mahamandaleshwar Swamini Ananda Lila Giri and Divya Loka's press-secretary visited Mr. Karpur Sundar Pandian in India, Swami Brahmananda Prabhakara Siddha Yoga follower. Swami Brahmananda is a teacher of Swami Vishnudevananda Giri. Mr. Pandian visited Divya Loka for the first time past summer. He was deeply impressed by the work that was done to establish the Center for Vedic culture.

Mr. Pandian hearty welcomed the guests. Before leaving for the joint Golden Temple Lakshmi "Shripuram" trip, which was planned as the next stage of the pilgrimage program, he demonstrated Swami Brahmananda relics.

In the altar room where Mr. Pandino situated Swami’s pictures, he kept the shrines. Guests saw a wooden stick, which Swami Brahmananda used to draw signs on earth during his vow of silence. Thus he passed instructions to his disciples. According to Mr. Pandian, this wand of a brown-burgundy color with small nodules was made of unknown wood breed. There was a staff with a hole in it kept on the altar. Swami Brahmananda relied on that staff during his meditations. There you can find also a piece of wood aged 2000 years.

Divya Loka representatives received rare items as gifts: a special five-face Rudraksha-bead from one of the holy place of Mr. Pandian pilgrimage; the copies of Swami Brahmananda unique manuscripts. They are written in an unknown language, and contain Prabhakara signature done in Latin letters.

All the relics will be deposited at the Museum of Swami Brahmananda, which opened in Divya Loka in October 2013.


Meeting with the President and the Vice-President of Nepal

with Mr. Ram Baran Yadav, Mr. Paramananda Jha
Mr. President has been for many years actively engaged in yoga

Vedic culture

Vedic culture

Vedic culture is based on the Universe laws of evolution described in the scriptures of Hinduism "Vedas". They guide a human life, leading to harmony, happiness and creative prosperity.