Practice of yoga

Practice of yoga

Yoga is a profound part of the Vedic culture. Yoga practices underlie at the heart of all Hinduism (Sanskrit "Sanatan Dharma") schools. Sanatana Dharma means "the eternal law" - the law of all beings’ evolution.

Advaita philosophy

Advaita philosophy

Advaita is an ancient doctrine that tells us about human nature as divine initially. "Advaita" can be translated as "not two". Soul is not separated from God. God is a reality that permeates everything.

Swami Brahmananda Birth Day Celebrations


Свами Брахмананда

On March 29th the Center of Vedic culture celebrated the birthday of a teacher Swami Brahmananda Prabhakara. In the morning, monks and Swami Vishnudevananda Giri visited the Swami Brahmananda museum, where a new sculpture of the saint was installed.

The celebration continued at the altar room. Honoring saints, devoting the mind to the sublime quality of spiritual teachers – this is what always brings in wisdom, purity, elevated, divine love and compassion.

Monk Sergei Dyachkov made ​​a presentation on the life of Swami Brahmananda, illustrating his photographs and interesting stories from the life of Swami.

Guests presented ​​their creative gifts. Each offering is a gratitude to siddha for his compassion, for inspiration in the way of wisdom.

At the same time in India in Swami Brahmananda’s ashram there was also held celebration.  According to custom, the Center Divya Loka made ​​offerings to the ashram in honor of this great saint.


Meeting with the Ambassador of India in Russia

Ambassador Ajay Mahotra:
"A follower of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) can be a person of any nationality"

Vedic culture

Vedic culture

Vedic culture is based on the Universe laws of evolution described in the scriptures of Hinduism "Vedas". They guide a human life, leading to harmony, happiness and creative prosperity.