Practice of yoga

Practice of yoga

Yoga is a profound part of the Vedic culture. Yoga practices underlie at the heart of all Hinduism (Sanskrit "Sanatan Dharma") schools. Sanatana Dharma means "the eternal law" - the law of all beings’ evolution.

Advaita philosophy

Advaita philosophy

Advaita is an ancient doctrine that tells us about human nature as divine initially. "Advaita" can be translated as "not two". Soul is not separated from God. God is a reality that permeates everything.

Russian Orthodox Church Archpriest Vladislav Antsibor


The Russian Orthodox Church Archpriest and father superior of St. Nicholas church in St. Petersburg – Vladislav Antsibor visited Divya Loka. As father superior, Archpriest Vladislav Antsibor leads liturgical and pastoral activities in the parish entrusted to him. He also takes care of promoting sobriety and a healthy lifestyle, as well as animal welfare activities.

Swami Vishnudevananda Giri and Archpriest Vladislav Antsibor had unusually deep conversations about the spiritual path of holiness in Hinduism and Christianity.

Within the week of tolerance declared by UN (World Interfaith Harmony Week), there held a round-table to discuss the theme of interreligious dialogues in modern Russia and the world. The opinions had many common points of contact.

Vladislav Antsibor:

"There may be different forms, different philosophies, different approaches, different practices, but the feeling of God is common - God is no respecter of persons. He is merciful to all the people, whether they are holy or only on the half way. According to the Christian understanding of spirituality, it is inseparably connected with religiosity. It is important to distinguish the tradition from conservatism. The fact is that we often “preserve” our tradition, and think that we keep it like that. But in such a way we kill the spirit itself. Tradition means to keep a steady flame. If we preserve the fire into a jar or a stove, it goes out. The situation is changing, the world is moving forward".

Novice Alena Molofeeva:

"If society seeks for harmony, it seeks a common ground, that is what unites us rather than what divides us. We, as representatives of the religions, and spiritual people, can show an example of harmonious communication with each other".

Novice Alena Savina:

"It does not matter in which boat you will sail to your Liberation, which religion you will choose. But if all these boats sail together, it will be very nice – a big fleet! It will have power and ability to transmit spiritual values to the world".



Yoga Mata Keiko Aikawa (Japan)

master of yoga and meditation
active participant in the campaign "For world peace", fund manager of "Mahayogi Fondeyshn"

Vedic culture

Vedic culture

Vedic culture is based on the Universe laws of evolution described in the scriptures of Hinduism "Vedas". They guide a human life, leading to harmony, happiness and creative prosperity.